Rockstar Toes vs Glitter Toes

May 23, 2011

Some people may be confused by the names Rockstar Toes & Glitter Toes. The question often comes up as to what the difference between the two products are.

What are the differences between Rockstar Toes and Glitter Toes?




Rockstar Toes and Glitter Toes were both coined by Young Nails. It just happens to be that Rockstar Toes or Rockstar Nails is used mainly in California. Glitter Toes is used in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, and other western states.

The service that both of these names describe is a classic gel nail with glitter springled into the gel. This creates a sparkly gel nail that lasts for up to 6 weeks. The nails are perfect for sandle wearers and summer lovers!

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